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12 June 2018

I am writing in the flow. In the evening I sit at the wooden table. With music from ears, I focus on that reality. I am closed and I am there. When my wife touches me I react absent and irritated. Then I write throughout the night.

It does not interest me that it is a violent subject. I do not worry about anything and after I while I think it’s normal again. The monster has overpowered me tonight, it was a coupe. He wants to write the story himself and is in a possessed trance. When my wife comes downstairs again, disappointed by the rising daylight, he is happy to leave again. Even I have to make room, because the owner has another mental buddy ready for the disappointment of the woman.

The story is almost there, about half of which is above the quality threshold. No one has been reading for a while now. I only have to write this story without feedback. Only then is it ultimately sincere and honest. The style and quality have already been established, for the story I do not need them anymore.

On a summer day I am on a boat. Besides my wonderful sweet wife and daughter there is also another man on the boat. It’s his boat. He does something with cinema and television.

I have not thought about it before, but what would the book look like as a film? The theme remains the same, just like society. A film is an even bigger stage with even more opportunities. The only way to see potential is when the other sees it too. As an author, I do not seem to have much more to say when it becomes really something.

We talk about it. There is also a vision of an oil rig and an airport. Beautiful locations. The producer sees a small amount of potential. In any case, it is a distinctive subject. I can hand in the synopsis. He can then discuss this internally in the office. Based on the synopsis, it is decided whether an appointment will be made.

The synopsis is a fact. Super success in layout. Intention and essence are in balance. The text is clear and briefly. It is honest and intimidating, concise and striking.

The appointment at their office is quickly also a fact. It is an introductory meeting with another man. He is enthusiastic and wants to know a lot by asking a series of questions at a rapid pace. It is clear from his head that he produces and places images internally. I try to take him further, stand up and walk through the room. The story is clear. I have taken the man into the experience and he sees what I see. We are on the same page.

Now I have to hand in the manuscript. Then they continue to explore the possibilities. Is it financially feasible? The locations in different countries. Something with international funds and jars.

If everything is right and all noses are in the same direction, then there will possibly be an option on the rights. But we are far from there, because first a manuscript has to be handed in.

I promise to hand in a decent manuscript within eight weeks. I also promise that they will keep their first choice. I am also not ready to occupy myself with a film. Even if this is nothing, it gives good courage for a next party. It also confirms the conviction of the plan of approach. A film production company that is rightly enthusiastic on the basis of a synopsis and an appointment at the office. They will not be the only ones, right?

The story is nearly complete. My environment is tired of Justin. I do not follow up appointments, do not listen and go completely my own way. It slowly becomes untenable for the environment.

My job is almost finished. The writing of the book has been my grip for a long time. My environment carries and distributes that burden.

I am almost ready, my beloved environment. Really.

Ben is also moving. His wheels will now also need to turn. The quality is still approved. There are compliments about its own style and fluency. It seems that the manuscript will meet all conditions that have been set. The environment really believes in it. Until now I only knew my own enthusiasm and I tried to take everyone along. Now I experience for the first time that I’m producing something in which my environment has more confidence.

I have never experienced that before.

I am not there yet, but the signals are favorable.

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