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A new battery

8 December 2017

Kees is undiminished my very best buddy at school, but battery Kees has also been worked out. I want everything and immediately, so standing still or resting is not an option. Kees rightly does not keep up with that pace. Examinations are coming, so the focus has to be shifted. Justin has to clear the stage of the owner. Intelligence and Ratio will have to be at the helm the upcoming period. Results must be booked and I have already received much more time than I actually am entitled to.

There is a female Eagle chick hiding in the classroom. It is a female equivalent of twenty-one years. I once had women, even a few years younger, who were living very different circustances.

I wish she would not be an Eagle, now it promises to be a long difficult road for her, looking for essences.

The monster does not accept her nonchalant attitude, gets frustrated and the rage of yesteryear swells.

Motivation by irritation. A new battery.

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