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28 April 2019

The first months of this year have been all about waiting.

The manuscript has been sent to ten publishers in the Netherlands.
Three publishers did not find it worthwhile to respond.
Three other publishers believe that the theme of sextrafficking does not fit into their portfolio or vision that they have as a publisher.

Crime and sextrafficking in women are not directly a socially accepted theme for a broad and open discussion. There is a taboo on this degrading reality. We would prefer to acknowledge it and then sweep it under the carpet. It’s crazy to talk about it.

PROIZVOD is about a serious problem.

After reading the manuscript, the remaining publishers indicated that it is not yet there. Although the manuscript has been labeled as sufficient potential, there are still a number of ‘ hooks and eyes ‘ attached.

Fifty people, known and unknown, have read the manuscript and provided feedback. It is remarkable that the thread of the feedback from the readers corresponds to the feedback from the publishers.

“The story goes straight in one lane and then faster and faster. There are no off roads, no time to catch your breath”. The readers indicate that it catches their breath. There is confusion in emotions. Feeling compassion for the writer or the anger towards the perpetrator. The reader has come into conflict with her own feelings. An emotional split that I mainly experience as a compliment. The reader gets a realistic look into my world.

“Too little use of synonyms. The same phrases are repetitive and the reader also understands that you are angry, and why. This can sometimes cause irritation. As if I, as a reader, are stupid and do not understand you”.

Everyone knows why they read the book, so everyone knows where it goes. The general experience is that the run-up is somewhat extensive, the middle section quite right and the end too early.

Now, again two months later, all feedback has been processed in the manuscript. Paragraphs have been removed from the story, pieces have been further explored (the wallpaper and wall socket) and new true descriptions have been added. I assume that at the beginning of the book, soon the reader has a clear picture of why my anger is immeasurably great. The manuscript has been rewritten and offered to the publishers again.

We are now around with the publisher. My true story is complete, striking and hits hard. PROIZVOD will be released! The expectation is 2019 ! Now all texts are proofread, checked and corrected. Of course there are still a number of grammatical and style errors. Anyway, that’s for the publisher 🙂

We can now look slowly at the cover design. In addition to a photographer, we are also talking with a model. Together we will look at a suitable location and composition that can summarize the story in one image and convey the right feeling.

There is also news from the film production company. The script has been read and weighed. They join in with the feedback from the rest. The revised manuscript has been sent and the way is clear for the other production companies. The possibilities for theater are also being investigated.

PROIZVOD will be launched in the Netherlands in 2019. Our goal is of course to be able to rejoice our worldwide followers as quickly as possible with a English edition. To achieve this, we are looking for financing through Crowdfunding.

I have started my second book, a control manual . Control in a BDSM setting. I notice that too many novice sex-driven dominant men think they really understand the essence. Too many curious submissive women, unfamiliar with the foundations, are unnecessarily damaged as a result of nobody knowing what he or she is doing. They then unnecessarily and unfortunately leave the scene in the belief that it is not for them. The manual is therefore not only for the starting Dominant, but also for starting submissives and couples who want to start from a safe basis and a realistic expectation. The book is expected to be released 2020 .

The best news, of course, PROIZVOD will be released this year! The project has already been running for more than three years. I expect a strong reaction in the media on the theme of ‘sextrafficking women’. It is a major and serious problem that people acknowledge, but do not want to talk about.

PROIZVOD leaves no room to not do that.

Hopefully it contributes to a solution for the women and girls for whom this is still the daily tough reality.

Victim: SL78

Victim: SL78

Contact us if you think you want to and can make a positive contribution towards exposure!

Love Justin

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