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14 October 2016

Holiday has been around for a while and I am at home with 100 other ideas. Everything is fine as long as I do not have to write. How do I write fictional about the police when she actually sat in front of me, questioned and accused me?

The monster has been released. He does not understand. He is angry because it has to be fiction and explains it as ‘history falsification’. He’s right, it did actually happen. Would it succeed to tell the reader the truth, but hide behind fiction?

Everything in me notices that he takes over. My girlfriend experiences it also. The monster climbs the ladder which leads to the helm of my thinking, feeling and doing. If one really seeks the truth, then, as I promise, I is preached by the monster.

I will not get any further. I have already received new comments. Whether I have already given up. Did I stop the umpteenth project again? I have known for twenty years that this moment would come and I would be forced to penance. The influence of the Gods reaches beyond the story, even further than the monster and myself. Their influence reaches to the essence of my owner.

I have feedback from new pieces. “Grammatically better, as well as the description in the present tense, but too much I. Still confusing and many questions, too much ‘staccato style’ . Come out of that depth and mirror to the understanding of the average reader. The current writing style can not be followed by the average reader, who drops out and then no book “.

As the fictional author of this trip I naturally want to have a hand in this, something of influence. I make up the concept title. ‘Through the eyes of the aggressor’ I find it a good one. According to others, it gives an indication of the story. There are no real books written by these perpetrators. Only by victims and researchers. It sounds exciting too. Bottom line: My input is rejected, the title is too aggressive.

It’s about honesty, deepening and truth, about sextrafficking, women. It’s about the essence. The title must be one word that includes everything and speaks to the imagination.

Then the working title can only be one.


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