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Kees, the battery

10 September 2017

Out of boredom I decided to follow a study at the University. I am going to study Physics and now I am back at school, but it is mainly occupational therapy and arrogance. I am in a group with other students and I immediately found a friend. Kees is great and unknowingly turns on my ‘on’ button. Kees reads a lot and has a background in online marketing. Two birds with one stone. Above all, he is very cheerful and radiates complete open-mindedness and wonder. He is interested in why I am who I am and how it is why I have so many self-confident beliefs. Kees is like a child, in a positive way. Because of this he comes into the position that he can, can and must do everything with me, without knowing that it is rather special.

He has a completely different view of sexual experience than I, the socially desirable, so I am not surprised about that either, but he finds it interesting what I experience. He has nothing with it, but wants to understand it sincerely. Inadvertently he puts an extra battery in the progress for the book. I can now write more as if I explain to him why. Kees has become my naive reader, a reference.

When I tap a few nights again, a couple of jewels indeed come out of my fingers. I lie back on the couch with my eyes closed and travel back as a kind of self-hypnosis. I feel the excitement again, the smell of kerosene, the screaming in lofts. All people who walk together in the arrival hall. I feel the emotion again, the anger but also the desire and the loneliness. My parents and my environment who do not recognize me anymore.

Thank you Kees. I can continue.

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