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15 February 2017

Another piece has been handed in and Ivanka has been recorded. The people who are reading are shocked and upset. They think it’s too intense. They have experienced it as if they were there. There is even one angry with me personally. It’s fiction right? The theme does not lend itself to fairy tales, rose petals and beautiful stories. This is the harsh reality and it does not interest me that the label fiction is stuck on.

If the submitted document is discussed further, it appears that the emotion is good. Almost everyone has read it in the same breath. One has been crying and one is sorry for me. The style is good, it reads well, the feeling is authentic and has arrived very hard. A strong aspect of the story is written down as the best piece to date despite the confusion and emotionality.

I do not have to make a nice story about it because of the feelings of my environment or society. I do not have to take into account what someone else thinks. As long as I do not tell the truth as it really has gone, this book will never be there. So I let go the truth and fiction, because that is the label for the market.

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