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The second casualty

28 October 2018

Losing a friendship after 25 years is no fun, now two years ago. Certainly it is because of my own doing so. My best friend has tried everything since the hazing more then twenty years. For years he was much more of a friend to me, than I was a friend to him. From egocentrism. In the end it is too much and circumstances have colored his decision. It just has a place and I respect, but he does miss something.

Now it is my female neighbor, the second casualty. I have received the mental key to her heart and have not carefully dealt with it. With her it goes deep, but she keeps it broad and wide now. I still have the key, so she has stacked up the furniture as a barricade. Because I am now on the other side, I can not help breaking down the barricade. At most I can motivate her to want to tear it down again. Denying does not make sense.

In order to prevent her from going down supporting me, there must be a distance. She experiences lack of understanding and trust. She can not do otherwise. She knows that I love hear greatly, and friendship also hurts sometimes. Pain is also love.

Be nice.

A few weeks ago I received an email from the gentleman of the international film production company. Where is the manuscript? I walked out of the planned schedule for a few weeks and because I have not finished it yet, I have not responded to his email.

The rough manuscript is finished. It is now tangible and real. There is no way back.

It is not a fair start. It reminds me of the past at the training in Den Helder. Companies are ready to take me out of school before I have a diploma. From different angles the interest in the book is already increasing and we are being approached by interested parties. That’s nice.

The aim is to captivate the reader through the entire book without willing to put it away. The emotion and the imagination are there. Everything is right and above all it is honest, open and authentic.

Soon other forces will work. Forces that make the parties understand what is happening. The synopsis is maximal. There is an abbreviated version of fifty pages and then the manuscript itself.

Manuscript will be run over aganin and then it can go to the gentleman of the film production company. Four e-mails and two months later than planned, the manuscript can finally leave the nest.

We will now sharpen the manuscript and address the proper channels. Film production company, publishers, own management and media. Phase II is now a fact.

Suddenly I have Instagram and Twitter.

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