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Today I really start writing

10 May 2016

Today I started writing. The past has been in my head for so long, for years it has matured, formed and distilled itself into purity. It has begun.

When I pilot the story on strangers, people are shocked, but also intrigued. Disapproval and at the same time an excessive interest grows at hand. Why should I not just tell the general public the whole truth? In the end it still concerns sextrafficking of women, and that’s concerned a crime.

Too many people who tell me that the story is intense and that I should not do it. Fortunately, there are also many positive reactions. People expect social impact and indignation. Indeed, the theme is fraught and I recognize that. That is something good.

When asked if someone would buy the book, the answer is always affirmative. Almost everyone says they want to buy the book. Out of interest for the theme, my style and the experience from the psyche. There are also people who deliberately reject trafficking in reality but mentally eroticate it.

Do I have to think about my family, my girlfriend and the children, my job and my social environment? There will be people who say that they know Justin and can therefore no longer exclude anything. Is it not fiction? But will those people comprehend all of that?

The subject has rightly received a lot of public attention, so why should this book be referred as abject while it is indirectly meant to contribute to a serious discussion about a serious problem? To what extent are interest and rejection linked to each other? Is it still justified to inform me about something that I nevertheless disapprove?

I therefore want to achieve with this book that a broad target group is interested. Whether it concerns my psyche, the tension and the illegal aspect, or the association with a fantasy. I want to raise questions by sharing my torment with you.

I would like to start writing by starting this blog. So I can share what the developments are and what I experience in writing. I have convinced myself that when I share this blog with friends, it might get a flight and social feedback has a voice in the book. This book can only be authentic, pure and true. I do the sharing when I stand on the eve of publishing. I state boldly that I will realize it all in a few months, but according to some, this process can take years.

Above all, it also emphasizes my so beloved and missed freedom. We are going to start. My environment will have to keep motivating me. They also say that it is about quality and not about quantity. In my head it can be as many as a 1.000 pages.

If it has to be the truth, then all of it.

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